About Hirecruise

A couple of decades ago, India was a very different place. But now, India has evolved as a hub for innovation and cutting edge technology. Expats with diverse skills are looking to relocate to India in search of challenging opportunities. Indian Expatriates believe that the best days for the Indian economy is yet to come and that their array of skills can be utilized to build the Indian economy further. Due to this huge demand for niche skillsets, the Indian talent pools outside of India are looking to connect back to their roots.

HireCruise is a two-sided recruiting marketplace created specifically to bridge this gap and create a win-win situation for both the employer looking to hire international talent and talent looking to return to India.

With over 9 years of experience in recruiting talent across industry verticals like Management Consulting, Financial Research, Business Research, Analytics, IT, recruiting, for us, is about Opportunities and Choice. Our goal is to create an even marketplace where both job seekers and employers are flooded with opportunities and choices on a single window platform along with time and cost savings. With our "limited period offer", talent pool access is available exclusively to the employer for a limited period. This not only helps in faster recruitment lifecycle, but also gives employers' the opportunity to whisk the talent away before anyone else does.

For Employers

  • Cuts down the recruitment cycle time by 40%
  • Get verified and assessed Candidates
  • Simple and user friendly platform
  • Instant setup and access
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For Job Seekers

  • Jobs openings curated to suit your skill set
  • Opportunity to apply for multiple clients in a single platform
  • Track your candidature real time
  • Instant setup and free access
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200,000+ Candidates
3,500+ Interview Scheduled
300+ Clients


The HireCruise process is simple