Kings Life – Only in India

“We are programmed to receive.

You can check-out any time you like,

But you can never leave!” – Hotel California


Indians have always considered going abroad as the ultimate measure of success.  Talent who move to other countries for better opportunities and living conditions are considered to be lucky, intelligent and successful. The hi-tech life, great infrastructure, lush greenery, unpolluted surroundings and reduced corruption has lured millions of Indians in the past.  The trip to other countries has been mostly a one-way ticket.

One might find the state of affairs in India objectionable and situations, which force you to rethink your future plans, and so the thought of moving and settling abroad to make a better life and start afresh always arises. There are numerous Indians who have done it and still many more who will do it; however, what happens when one suddenly begins to realize that the green pastures which looked so inviting and refreshing, are not exactly very convenient and satisfying.

If you are born and brought up in India and travel abroad, the first thing that jolts you back to reality are the difference in cultures. It actually takes a very long time before the culture shock wears off. For some, it might be an even bigger concern when their children reach adolescence and they start noticing gaps between the upbringing and values that they had and what their kids are exposed to. It is something you cannot control – neither can you recreate culture overnight nor can you change it. Peta Dunia . You either accept what you see or you take a call and control yours and your child’s future by moving to a more favorable and acceptable culture, i.e., back home. This is the single most important reason for Indian professionals wanting to relocate back to India.

The second most important catalyst is education, the difference is clearly visible in the educational systems. Back home, a child is schooled very differently compared to a child who is schooled abroad. The teaching and learning methodologies use a social system, which has evolved over a 1000-year “guru-shishya” bond heritage and year after year changes through a continuous learning and review mechanism. my site whois Mechanisms like Right to Education, free food and low-cost education is something, which few countries of this magnitude can boast of.

You can be in any part of the world but you will still have that sense of belonging and yearn for your country. When loneliness starts to set in is when you begin to miss the love, care and warmth of your family, the gatherings and celebrations with your extended family and the realization that you miss these little pleasures that make all the difference to your happiness quotient.

The thing you miss the most though is the sheer comfort of living in India – the comfort of knowing that everything will be done by the respective person at a particular time is what Indians are most accustomed to. It is the convenience of being able to step out and head to your workplace with a sense of relief that you will be driven to work, there will be food when you get home, your home will be spick and span, your garden will be tended to and your children will be looked after. The easy availability of domestic help is what you crave for when you live abroad and have to take care of each and every chore. Compared to this, while you might be doing exceptionally well abroad, professionally, at the end of a long workday, you will have to get home and take care of the house, the food, the washing, the cleaning and not to forget your precious children. find domain name owner . And all of this, mind you, is twice as hard, if both partners work and have to deal with this on a daily basis, not to mention the cost of getting the daily chores done through someone else!

No doubt, you earn substantially more than what you would be earning in India, but nothing comes easy and you have to put in that much more effort to take care of your professional as well as personal lives.

Our Take

It is true that life is not smooth sailing in India and the road is indeed bumpy, but that is when you start appreciating certain values. You understand the value of relationships – your family and close friends who are always there to help you out, and that is the kind of support system Indians are used to. Yes, there are some serious problems like a dysfunctional system, bad infrastructure, high corruption rate, escalating food prices and so on and so forth; however, the positives are greater than the negatives, and at the end of the day, India will always beckon you because that is where your biggest support system will always be – your family! And you cannot attach a price tag to it.