Why use HireCruise?

Partnering with HireCruise has unprecedented benefits to both Candidates and Employers

Candidates - Candidates will gain access to the top companies in India which are in high growth trajectory. HireCruise will give you access to exclusive job opportunities through a quick and transparent process. You'll receive interview invitations from interested companies, along with details including salary, equity, and bonus figures.

Employers - Employers will get a curated list of top candidates from across the world. Organizations will benefit immensely by hiring global candidates faster. This will save hiring managers time to hire significantly

How much does it cost?

Candidates don't have to pay any fees to join HireCruise.

What is the approval process for candidates to join HireCruise?

We are looking for top talent across various functions to work for companies in India (Start-ups and Multi Nationals).

We evaluate a variety of factors when considering a candidate's profile for HireCruise, including intent to work in India, Visa requirements, time to join, education, work experience, reference and expertise.

What if I have not decided to move immediately?

After you submit a completed profile, our talent advisors will review your completed profile and understand your requirements and timeline for move. Mutual date of your profile being visible to employers will be decided upon review

What kind of employers are on HireCruise?

There are 2 types of organizations HireCruise currently partners with

  • Start-ups - These are high growth start-ups in the area of technology.
  • Multi Nationals - These are GIC's (Global In-house centers) of large multinational organizations.

We carefully select who we partner with to make sure that they have the desire to hire the top global talent and are willing to be transparent about offered roles and compensation.

How long will employers be able to view my profile?

Once your profile is approved, you will receive an invitation to be part of a HireCruise showcase. Employers will have access to your profile until the end of virtual Showcase.

Will I be able to see the employers on the marketplace and proactively reach out to them?

No, employers will be able to see your profile and they can reach out to you with an Invitation to interview.

Do I have to take the job if I participate in the HireCruise showcase?

No - an Invitation is just a strong indication of interest from an employer and an opportunity to interview with them. You can accept as many Invitations as you want and your profile will be visible to employers for the entire duration of the Showcase. We suggest you respond to Invitations as early as you can, without waiting for the end of the Showcase.

What is the format of the interviews?

The interview depends on the role and company you are interviewing for. Typically, companies assess both technical, business and soft skills through introductory phone calls and / or on-site meetings. Our team will be happy to discuss the typical company-specific process of the companies to help you prepare for interviews.

How long will it take to get a job?

You can expect a process to take 3-4 to turn into a final job offer. Keep in mind that employers can speed up or slow this down depending on their urgency and internal processes.

What kind of support does HireCruise offer during the recruiting process?

Each and every candidate is assigned a Talent advisor who will assist and support you during the process. Once your profile is approved, your Talent advisor will be there to:

  • Discuss what you're looking for in your next job
  • Discover what's important to you, so we can help you find what you love
  • Prepare you for interviews with inside looks at a company's culture and process
  • Help you manage and track your interview processes

If I choose an employer to not see my profile, Will they be able to see my profile?

Your trust is our top priority and we take every measure to make sure your search is discreet. Your profile will be automatically hidden to your current employers, list of companies you don't want to talk to etc. You can also add or remove employers by reaching out to your Talent advisor.

Are there any opportunities for internship, part-time, or remote roles?

Yes, we do have clients seeking candidates for roles like these. However, they tend to be less common than traditional full-time roles.